Direct Printer Cake A2 4.0

The food-grade printer is intelligently manufactured and unique in the market.

The DirectPrint 4.0 printer is the upgraded version of our popular A2 printer for food use. You can print directly on confectionery products with a maximum thickness of 11 cm, such as chocolate, cakes, sugar dough, wafers, macarons and more. You can print on products with different heights of up to 11 cm and an area of 37.5 x 60.5 cm.

Its versatility, speed and high performance make DirectPrint 4.0 unique. Less bulky than the previous model and simple to use, it is particularly suitable for both handmade laboratories and industrial confectionery.

Economical prints with great results in quality
Any software can be used to print
Ready for large volumes of prints
Large print area

Dimensin 88x88x33cm
Weight 38 Kgs
Printable Area 37.5 x 60cm
Max. product height 11cm
Printing time (A3+) 5 minutos
Max weight on tray 4 Kgs
Voltage 220V - 50-60Hz        

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