FINE Sugar paper for printing .(Din A4 210X297mm (24Fls)

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Units Per Package: 24 Sheets
Net weight: 600 grms
Validity: Maximum 24 Months
This product can be packed in a master case with 30 units X 24 sheets
Storage: Store in the original package, sheltered from direct light, with a
maximum temperature of 19/20 ° C.

The icing sheet is  essentially a small piece of sugar-paste paste with a neutral flavor, on a plastic sheet. When printed and totally dry and removed, it gives foliate of support, being applied in several foods, such as: bowls; cupcakes; chocolate, etc.etc. A cover edible and extremely malleable and easy to manage without brake or tear.
It is about a physical food composition, based on modified stark, and other ingredients supported by plastic sheet. The sheets is packed in hermetic  bags. These  sheets are used for printing with food cointainers. It defines itself as a product of high quality, poise or final finish and excellent.
The icing sheets is  completely safe for human consumption, made from ingredients 100% approved from standards Europeans. A complete list of all ingredients is printed in each package of sugar sheets, together with the batch and dlc date. Request your technical sheet.


Due to abrupt climacteric alterations, or even relatively high relative humidity, a sugar film can hold a plastic foliate. In these cases we have to place the sheet after print, on the freezer for 30 seconds or on the hoven at 60 / 75ºC for 1.5 minutes, so this procedure the sheet should be done normally. 



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