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ThermoFrontier Electronica Unip, Lda., Is committed to respecting your privacy.

Thus we present our updated privacy policy in May 2018 with full transparency on the information collected:

1) Scope of the Privacy Policy of ThermoFrontier Electronica Unip, Lda.
The privacy policy is applied to our online store at and explains how the personal information collected is used.
Each data collection form is accompanied by an information / knowledge link for approval. ThermoFrontier - Unip, Lda., Reserves the right to modify or update this Privacy Policy at any time.

2) What information is collected?
We collect personal information when submitting one of our contact forms, newsletter or online purchase.
Regularly you can request: your name, address and e-mail and / or telephone contacts.

3) How do we use this information?
The data collected serve to answer to the contact initiated by the user and will be subject to computer treatment to appear in the database of the company ThermoFrontier - Unip, Lda., as customer data.
In the scope of customer data management, the personal data collected may be transmitted to third parties as carriers of goods (CTT and / or Chronopost, among others) for the sole and exclusive purpose of completing and executing the products purchased by the user in this store.

The data collected may be transferred to third party platforms / software for the purposes of direct marketing, namely through the use of automatic calling machines, fax machines or electronic mail, including SMS, EMS and MMS, always supervised by ThermoFrontier - Unip, Lda., and with the commitment to use for this purpose signed by the third party.

In practice, our website uses newsletters management software called MailChimp for mailing list control and sending authorizations.

For information on the third-party privacy policy mentioned, visit:
You can always choose to cancel any subscription and have the right at any time not to allow you to be contacted for marketing campaigns by simply sending an email to indicating your intention, contacting us to the phone +351 229 744 963 or use the tools available in your user area of this online store.
ThermoFrontier - Unip, Lda., Will save the data without term, however the inactive accounts for 365 days will be removed automatically. This verification shall take effect at the beginning of each month.

4) Access and Correction of Your Information
You have full right to request access to the information stored about you. If you wish to request a copy of the partial or total information of your information in the possession of ThermoFrontier - Unip, Lda., Send us an e-mail to or registered letter to Rua do Pinheiro, no81, 4445-618 Ermesinde , Porto, Portugal.

You can also use the tools we provide for you in your user area of this online store to remove your data and close your account.
In the same way, we want to keep the data always current. And as you can request its removal, you can also ask for its update by the same route.
5) Processing payments
The payment when done through Multibanco, is processed offline, and there is no transmission of data from the customer to this online store.
The generation of the MB references is not the responsibility of ThermoFrontier - Unip, Lda. For more information on the multibank references generated, you can contact IfThen Software, Lda. For this purpose at

6) Cookies
Like most large websites, in order for our website to work properly, we install small files called cookies or connection logs on your computer or mobile device.

What are cookies?
A cookie is a small text file that a website installs on your computer or mobile device when you visit it.
These files allow the website to "remember" for a certain period of time its actions and preferences, such as the username, the language chosen, the size of the characters and other display settings. That is why when you go through the pages of a site or return to a site that you have visited you do not have to re-indicate your preferences in principle. Easy to use.

How Do We Use Cookies?
On this website, we use cookies to remind you of your actions as a user throughout your visit.
It also serves to save the products you select in your shopping cart and follow this process until the order is saved in the database.

This website does not benefit from any subliminal information collected for advertising purposes. The activation of cookies is not indispensable for a website to work, but it facilitates navigation. Cookies can be erased or blocked, but doing so may disable some important features of this online store.

How to Control Cookies
You can control and / or delete the cookies you want. For more information, see
You can delete all cookies already installed on your computer or mobile device or activate an option available in most browser programs that prevents it from being installed. But if you do, you may have to manually configure some preferences whenever you visit a site and run the risk of disabling certain services and / or features and you will mainly have difficulty making online purchases.

We also use Google tools for usage statistics. More specific information about cookies in use by Google Analytics can be found at:
More information on how to turn off your use of cookies: id#disabling_cookies

For more general information on the use of cookies in general, you can consult the website

The terms and conditions and the application of third party privacy policies are not the responsibility of ThermoFrontier - Unip, Lda., Trademarks are not the property of ThermoFrontier - Unip, Lda.
These privacy policies are only valid for
If you have any questions, please contact us by phone at +351 229 744 963 or by email at
This page was written on the basis of Regulation 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 27 April 2016 on the use and protection of data held by citizens residing in europe.