All equipment benefits from, at least, one year warranty against manufacturing / assembly defects and two years warranty for the final consumer (natural person whose product is unrelated to their commercial or professional activity) according to Decree-Law nº67 / 2003 of 08-04-2003; The warranty period starts on the date of purchase of the equipment.

The THERMOFRONTIER, LDA after-sales service is not an authorized repair center. All equipment under warranty will be repaired / replaced by the respective manufacturer. THERMOFRONTIER, LDA limits itself to claiming any possible malfunctions or defects and thus guiding the customer in the warranty process.

The average period of repair / replacement of the equipment under warranty is 2 to 4 weeks and are the responsibility of the manufacturer / representative.

If any equipment is no longer subject to replacement or repair by the manufacturer, it will be exchanged for another equivalent in performance and / or characteristics, always taking into account the product's characteristics and never its selling price at the time of purchase.

For computers, all original CDs and manuals delivered at the time of purchase must be accompanied so that the initial equipment configuration can be restored.

Computers are made up of several components; repairs under the warranty will be carried out using new or not components but with similar performance and reliability and never inferior to those initially placed. These components are guaranteed against manufacturing and assembly defects for the remainder of the warranty period for the computer on which they are installed.

In the case of Repair outside the warranty period, our repair warranty is 3 to 6 months depending on the equipment in question.

To activate the guarantee it is necessary:

1. Indicate the invoice number and / or present a copy of it;

2. Original packaging and all its contents (Manuals, Drivers, CDs, Cables, Accessories and Offers);

3. Product warranty certificate (if applicable).

If any of the conditions described above is not met, it may result in delays or even refusals by the manufacturers in the warranty process.

The warranty claim for the equipment is void if:

The equipment is repaired or subject to attempted repair, by others than the technical services of THERMOFRONTIER, LDA or the manufacturer;

1.) operation of the equipment is affected by improper / abusive use / handling or incorrect installation / connection by the customer or third parties;

2.) The operation of the equipment is affected by external factors of any kind, such as falls, floods, fire, disasters, electrical changes / discharges, voltage spikes, etc.

3.) The operation of the equipment is affected by incorrect maintenance of the equipment (places with excess humidity, excess dust / dirt or poorly ventilated places;

4.) The internal labels / seals of the parts are removed or made partially or totally unreadable.

This warranty does NOT apply to:

1.) Consumables (CD-R's, Ink Cartridges, Cables, Bags, etc.);

2.) Software or software problems, licensed or not, or incompatibilities of the equipment with any type of software;

3.) Cost of travel to the customer by personnel from the manufacturer / importer and costs of travel by the customer to the store or equipment transport costs;

Printers for use with food ink:

Because there are no equipment (low cost), manufactured exclusively for food printing, we have chosen some of the common printing models that work perfectly as long as some requirements are met:

1.) Print regularly with the printer

2.) There is a relative humidity between 70/80%

3.) Do not leave food paper residues inside the printer

The equipment we sell is never:

1.) Started with chemical paints.

2.) Its initialization is all done with food paints.

Equipment certified by us:

1.) Waste deposit coupling

2.) Cleaning with solution of the parts where the media passes

3.) Gear lubrication with “FOOD GRADE” greases

4.) Issuing certificate

5.) Random analysis of printer surfaces


Food Printers Warranty

All printers or multifunction devices for food printing on any edible media are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty. THERMOFRONTIER, LDA guarantees all equipment only against manufacturing defects, although all aspects listed below are out of warranty.

1.) Print heads are not covered by the warranty.

1.) Gears damaged by the food media

3.) Misuse of equipment

4.) User ink cartridge recycling

5.) Moisture in the print head slots

6.) Use of food paints acquired outside our company.

7.) Use of media acquired outside our company

8.) Incorrect media loading for printing

All occurrences not reported here at these points will be covered by the general rules of this document

Technical assistance

Technical assistance must always be carried out at the THERMOFRONTIER, LDA facilities, and it is necessary to describe the fault / symptom clearly. All equipment must be picked up at the THERMOFRONTIER, LDA facilities, after repair.

Regardless of whether it is under warranty or not, whenever, in the equipment delivered for repair, no damage is detected, or that it was caused by incorrect use, or by problems originating from software, the importance of the respective technical assistance service will be debited. based on the tables in force at the date of the occurrence.

For all equipment not picked up within 30 days after its repair, THERMOFRONTIER, LDA will charge a storage fee of € 1 / day. If 90 days after delivery of the equipment for assistance, the customer does not pick up the equipment, it will be considered abandoned, under article no. 1318 of the CC, thus being sent to recycling centers.

Limitation of Liability

THERMOFRONTIER, LDA is not responsible for any loss of data (partial or total) related to any equipment delivered for technical intervention, or placed under its responsibility for any other reason. It is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the customer to make backup copies (backups) and remove confidential / personal information prior to the delivery of materials to the care of THERMOFRONTIER, LDA, assuming that, when delivering any customer material, such backup copies were previously made.

THERMOFRONTIER, LDA will not be responsible, in any case, for lost profits and direct or indirect emergent damages, being the maximum limit of its responsibility the value of the merchandise. The responsibility of THERMOFRONTIER, LDA goes up to the limit of the replacement of material (hardware) eventually damaged and the reinstallation of the original programs licensed by the customer, always excluding any replacement of data belonging to customers or unlicensed software. In the case of computers sold without an operating system, the customer will always be responsible for their installation and configuration.

Terms, Ownership and Default

Product specifications may change without notice. THERMOFRONTIER, LDA declines any responsibility for typographical errors or changes to technical characteristics made by importers / manufacturers.

The receipt of the goods implies acceptance of the conditions of sale, and the customer cannot claim ignorance of them. The fact that the customer has not received the present general conditions of sale in his native language does not exclude the application of them.

Ownership of products supplied by THERMOFRONTIER, LDA will only be transferred to the customer after full payment. If the customer does not make the payment on the due date, THERMOFRONTIER, LDA reserves the right to demand interest for late payment and / or indemnity. The expenses and charges arising from the judicial collection of the debt, including fees due to a lawyer, will be charged to the client. The payment made by the customer that is not sufficient to cover the amount due, will be initially charged to the expenses with the collection, interest on late payment and, finally, to the amount due.

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